5 Factors that Influence Behavior at Work

360Solutions’ course on Change Management teaches leaders what factors influence behavior, how to address employee concerns and manage resistance.

Here are five factors that influence behavior at work:

1. Knowledge is the easiest factor for leaders to influence. It requires communicating with employees and providing necessary training. Employees usually do not resist changes on the knowledge level.

2. Skills are a little more difficult to influence because they require employees to make changes in instinctive behavioral patterns. It may take time, but with practice and effort skills can be successfully changed.

3. Beliefs are not easy to change. They influence attitudes, and changing them requires people to release their patterns of behavior. Beliefs can be influenced on a behavioral level.

4. Environment is directly influenced by the organization. Employee behavior should be rewarded or corrected as necessary. Providing a balanced environment will encourage people to behave effectively.

5. Purpose is the collective belief of organizational leaders. Leaders are able to develop a sense of purpose in their employees and motivate them by appealing to their self-esteem, sense of belonging and security.

By recognizing each factor, leaders can persuade employees to behave effectively. Influencing these factors can encourage employees toward positive change, but it is important to address any concerns they may have.

Otherwise, there’s a good chance that employee behavior could become violent:


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