Razvan Sisu

Business Development Director

Razvan Sisu has a managerial experience of over sixteen years not only in the business field, but also in the social and educational ones.

For the past 4 years, Razvan is Business Development Manager at CODECS, one of the oldest and largest Learning & Development companies and Business School from Romania. Last year Razvan became sole manager at CODECS.

Since he graduated from one of the most prestigious University- Polytechnic University- Razvan has been dedicated to building a career in which business and people to form that exceptional combination that manages to enhance each of its components. A concern that has succeeded in offering new and effective perspectives of approach both in business and in management, as well as the learning and development programs to which Razvan’s identification, creation and implementation contributes.

Razvan is a man of many and important challenges. 

Because, when you want your company to overcome a deadlock, find the best way to grow and strengthen, when you need someone not only to identify, but also maximize the company’s strengths, minimizing its pain and vulnerable points, Razvan is the professional you need. The one who can provide the strategy, as well as the instruments and efforts of its entire implementation and correct continuities. And this starting from the most difficult, technical and specific aspects of the business to all its human foundation.

When things get tough, change needs to be done, losses eliminated, success and thriving gained and strengthened on a clear and powerful strategy and vision and day by day sustained measures, Razvan is the one you call. He will be there for you and the entire company, dedicated and determined all the way.

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