Majd Shweikeh

360 Solutions Strategic Partner

Majd Shweikeh, Founder and President of Masharek, an Exclusive Strategic Partner of 360Solutions LLC, is a CMA, holder of GSMP certificate, and who brings over 25 years of executive experience with a vision and devotion to empower and share success with others.

Mrs. Shweikeh has provided expertise in business modeling transformation and development, operations establishment and strategic leverage identification, processes enhancement, systems establishment, commercial and time to market modeling, Account management, program and project guidance, fiscal oversight, quality assurance, customers’ satisfaction and Corporate Governance.

Before getting into the entrepreneurial world, Mrs. Shweikeh assumed top positions in different local and regional companies. From 2010 till 2012, she was the Group CEO of VTEL Middle East and Africa Limited; leading 4 different telecom companies, in GSM, Wireless Local Loop, Fiber Optic and CDMA in Jordan, Iraq, and Africa.

Mrs. Shweikeh was the Vice President of Jordan Telecom Group and CEO Orange Mobile until 31st May 2010. She had held this position since January 2006; where she was named as the first Female CEO for a telecommunication company in the World.

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