meg poag

Meg Poag

360 Solutions Strategic Partner

Meg Poag is a visionary leader in human services in the private and government sectors.

She serves as the CEO of the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas. In addition, Meg has served as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Texas School of Social Work, teaching a course on collaborative leadership in community building for masters students.

Ms. Poag has proven executive leadership skills, growing the Literacy Coaltion of Central Texas from a small, young start-up non-profit to a $3,000,000+ annual operating budget with national acclaim and cross sector impact. Ms. Poag has experience leading a variety of cross-sector system change efforts bringing diverse stakeholders together to chart a meaningful course of action.

Meg has presented at numerous national academic and professional conferences and been featured in large session panels on a wide array of topics including effective leadership in community planning, launching earned income strategies within a non-profit, effective advocacy and public policy change efforts and managing organizational growth.

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