rita henning

Rita Henning

360 Solutions Strategic Partner

Rita has many years of experience in leadership roles in companies of all sizes, dating back to the young age of 16. During her corporate career as a training and organizational development leader, she worked with organizations like Hewlett Packard, T-Mobile, AT&T, Dyno Nobel, Qualfon, and Qwest.

Having achieved a high level of success in the corporate world, Rita now uses that experience to help organizations transform from a traditional paradigm (control and direct model) to a High-Performance paradigm (purpose, empowerment, and collaboration model).

Partnering with business owners and executives, Rita uses a high-performance framework to facilitate a process in which the organization assesses itself, develops a clear strategy, sets goals aligned with the strategy, and creates an implementation plan. From there, she works with them to actually implement theplan, specializing in the areas of leadership and team  development. As an “outsider,” she is able toprovide a real-world, unbiased, and honest perspective.

Rita is an Accredited Facilitator with The Center for Organizational Design, through which she is able to utilize a proven system based on many years of research. She is also an Authorized Strategic Partner with 360 Solutions, making her part of a global network of High-Performance consultancies. She is passionate about helping organizations create a healthy culture where each person is a contributing partner in the business. She prides herself on facilitating powerful, high-energy, practical, and engaging programs that lead to measurable business results.

Rita lives in beautiful northern Colorado with her husband, daughter, and two rescue pups. She’s very involved in the community through the local chapter of The Association for Talent Development, as a College America Program Advisory Board member, and as a Club Leader with the youth development
organization 4H.

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