steve baldo

Steve Baldo

360 Solutions Strategic Partner

Steve is an inspirational speaker and business coach who brings real-world business experience to organizations facing various phases of transition.

As a High Performance Leadership Coach and Certified Value Builder Advisor he focuses on the areas that effect a company’s sustainable growth and value in an ever changing business environment. With over 25 years of experience in business acquisition, capitalization and finance, leadership growth and development, as well as merger and sales initiatives, Steve helps to uncover the people and systems opportunities within your organization with an unbiased but real world perspective.

By applying his foundational elements of Consistent…Original… Repeatable… Execution (C.O.R.E.) Strategies, Steve helps to transition companies from High Potential to High Performance.  Working alongside business owners, he is able to help assess their organizational strengths and areas of development and establish baselines for improvement. Through a process of defining a company’s strategy, leadership development and helping them to establish high performing teams of engaged employees, he successfully delivers measurable results to his clients.

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